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Eviction Notice Services in San Diego, California

Count on Fast Eviction Service to get rid of your unwanted tenants. We take care of the entire eviction process from the preliminary California eviction notices to the Unlawful Detainer procedure.

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Our Services Include: Evictions | Collections  | Small Claims

The Fast Eviction Difference
Come to us when you need fast and affordable help with eviction. An eviction specialist is available to answer all your questions and concerns during our business hours.
If you have multiple managers or agents, we will be happy to cater a lunch with a short informational seminar, followed with a question-and-answer session. For your convenience, we also have in-house attorneys and in-house process servers.   

Experience You Can Trust
Having been in business since 1979, Fast Eviction Service has completed more than 80,000 cases during our 33 years in the industry. By constantly monitoring your cases, we ensure you get the fastest and most efficient eviction and eviction collections services available.

Did You Know?
The average uncontested eviction results in possession of your property in approximately 30 days, depending on the county. Let us ensure a smooth and quick eviction process for your property.

Contact us in San Diego, California, to request a service from our eviction notice experts.
Let our full-service eviction experts help you remove all your unwanted tenants in no time.

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